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We're looking for Queensland residents who would like to share their story about housing in Queensland.

Share Your Housing Story!

Are you a renter? Struggling to pay off the mortgage or afford rent? Feel like you can't treat your rental property as a home? We're looking for Queensland residents who would like to share their story about housing in Queensland. 

1 in 5 Queenslanders are facing some level of housing stress - spending 30% or more of their income on rent or mortgages.

Nearly half of the residents of Brisbane are renters, yet we have one of the most expensive and unregulated rental markets in the world. Many renters are facing the stress of short leases, unsafe homes and undue pressure from landlords and real estate agents. Meanwhile, nearly 30,000 people are on the waiting list for social housing.

We need urgent action to improve housing conditions and affordability.

We're looking for renters, homeowners, or people sleeping rough, who would be happy to share their story in a video or by text, which will be used to start to build up a state-wide campaign to improve renters rights and housing affordability. Even if you don't feel comfortable being filmed, share your story below and it will be featured on this page. 

Once you share your story we'll be in touch to see if you'd be comfortable appearing on video to talk about your experience. If not, that's completely fine. Just by putting your experience in text you're helping to raise awareness about the growing housing crisis in Australia. We'll be sharing stories online, and recording videos throughout Brisbane.

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  • commented 2017-07-18 16:05:56 +1000
    As adoptee first homeless at 14..parents dumped me in street outside valley police one night…bought house with 110% mortgage week before I graduated..lost it in divorce..moved to house boat at Brekkie ck…forced off by council 2008..been in public housing since but still stalked by neighbors who violently assaulted me almost 6 years ago while Police and Housing even Premier and local MP refuse to accept the evidence which includes hospital report of injuries, photos and police attending and getting admission at crime scene before transferred by ambulance to Royal Brisbane…have to live in vehicle when stress makes home intolerable.much nicer in West End circa 1987 and 2004+ ..pity bullies are left next to their victims to taunt relentlessly…some times watching others bullied until leaving seems like a strategy to reduce waiting lists as people can’t tolerate relentless bullies..3 fled this before me and I was strangled. Knocked unconscious had head split open and apparently while unconscious the attacker continued to hit my head on concrete until she was physically restrained…no justice for poor..I’ve complained to every supposedly responsible gov dept…total wilful blindness..after I complained re the Detective Inspector who refused to take my complaint to CCC same person came to my residence to see me while Superintendent again refused to accept even a formal complaint I lodged at Stafford Police even existed before again telling me there was no evidence..there is apparently a witness ..the good Samaritan who was residing in unit above attack at the time.
  • commented 2017-07-18 09:08:43 +1000
    I once went without ceiling lights in my flat for an entire week because the owner was in Europe and the real estate could not send an electrician out without her approval. I also had black mould growing in one of the cupboards, something as the result of a leak upstairs (which also caused the lights to short and go out). I informed them about the leak and the mould several times and in response I got given clove oil as a means of cleaning the mould. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work. I even had professional cleaners attack it and it just grew back within a couple of weeks (clearly because the conditions were still damp but the landlord would still not accept that there was clearly a leak coming from upstairs). I also got told to vacate that flat four months before my lease was up as they wanted to raise the rent.
  • commented 2017-07-18 05:23:41 +1000
    Son and daughter in law were told to buy an umbrella when their roof leaked so bad they had a waterfall cutting the house in half plus they had a new baby .
  • commented 2017-07-17 15:11:40 +1000
    Where to start? We’re about to throw in the towel and downsize into a van. I am female and 62, unemployable it goes without saying. Living on Centrelink payments and renting a flat meant regular top ups from meagre savings. (We did the NEIS program and failed so that’s the savings gone.) Fifty percent of our Centrelink payment goes directly to the landlord. We literally cannot live in the burbs leading a middle-class life on the dole. So we must stop being renters. We must stop living a middle-class life.

    Back in 2005 we moved our blended family into a three bed flat in Highgate Hill. Rent was reasonable, (we both had jobs) but it was obvious the flat hadn’t had anything done to it since the seventies. No window coverings of any kind; the windows rattled so badly in one bedroom it was unusable during windy weather. The toilet was so caked with waste it could only be fixed with acid. The lease turned over with $40 a week rent increases. Our income went down – (GFC, Ageing, and more) and the rent kept going up. So we downsized and moved further out. Relationships around us flung to the four winds yet again.

    We now live in a two bed flat for $300 a week but now we cannot afford even this. Our landlords btw, do not understand what a lease is, they use a real estate agent to sign people up. When we tried to point out that they must give 24 hours notice whenever they plan to come over to do work on the property they prevaricate. We have given up expecting any privacy on the property. It’s a four-unit place anyway, we can’t afford to rent a house. We would like to grow our own vegetables so started a couple of wicking boxes This is because the landlord is reluctant to allow us garden space even though he grows vegetables here himself.

    So, time to give up on the whole middle-class scenario of home, garden, kids, jobs, and visiting the gallery. It’s all going down the gurgler.
  • commented 2017-07-17 12:31:22 +1000
    I am originally from Japan, now a single mother to 12 years old son.

    Owner has not fixed dish washer and air con for 6 months and asking 40 dollers more fom next lease. Rediculous.

    Even had a realestated showing up at the door for inspection ( re-scheduled date was not communicated well amongst people at real estate agency.

    Got even yelled at….

    Was better when we lived in modern apartment, similar rent but at lease the management wasalways atthe front desk,felt secure and they cared about us.

    we love woolloongabba.

    Finally found a house next to the owners families and will probably not use real estate agency.

    We will be ok for about five years and really relieved but generally i am concerned about housing situation for my son’s generation.
  • commented 2017-07-15 12:24:50 +1000
    Renting can incidentally widen you’re skill

    or personal network . I live in the Cairns area and work as a Teacher aid, the place I live in atm is ok so far. I have moved residence many times, as property owners and investors are always “re selling”, with this, renters are merely house sitting, often comprised by visits from perspective buyers. This cycle goes round and round. Maintenance on these properties is poor, as owners manage them from interstate and over seas..affordable housing for service workers is what is needed. Investors reply !! ‘Cairns is a holiday destination’ never to be seen whilst the community mostly renters clean up after our Cyclone seasons. Thank you for reading.
  • commented 2017-07-14 15:05:58 +1000
    I once lived in a house where the front porch had been screened in and a flimsy double door had been installed as the house’s front door. In strong winds this door would blow wide open, even when locked. I’d lock it again and a few minutes later it would blow open again. The lock just wasn’t strong enough. When I raised it with the real estate agent, her response was, “I don’t think the owner will agree to fixing the front door if it’s not obviously broken”. Apparently her default assumption was that I was lying about the problem.
  • commented 2017-07-14 14:37:01 +1000
    My partner and I have been renting together for the past 8 years and have had nothing but trouble with real estate agents. I work for an insurance company and handle disputes and have seen both sides of the table in regards to renting and landlords. We have been breached numerous times, sometimes for being short on rent, once for having bugs in a light shade (mind you the flyscreens were in terrible condition) among many minor issues. We also had a water tank that was not functional for over 75% of our tennancy, yet they had the hide to charge water usage. The tank was identified as the likely cause for my sons Giardia colonisation and even with a medical letter stating this the real estate only got the tank working after they were served with a tribunal notice. They did not sanitize the tank as requested though. Instead they placed us on the Tica register for unpaid water bills.
  • commented 2017-07-14 14:07:46 +1000
    I reported having possums in the roof before Christmas, but they were still plodding around up there in March. By the time someone came to remove them, there was possum urine running down the wall in one room. I don’t actually blame the landlord, I think that’s just how long it took for the real estate to pass on my message.
  • commented 2017-07-14 12:35:45 +1000
    I live next door to my landlord, which means anything we do is constantly scrutinised by him. At one point we had some people around to work on some stuff for a local community event, he came over and demanded to know why we had so many people in the house, as if he had a right to tell us how many friends we can have over. He expressed similar concerns if we have even a few friends over to have dinner on the deck.

    When I rebuffed him, he said he was concerned about the amount of water being used by all these people, ironic when it took him several months to deal with a leaking shower that by the end was basically a constantly running torrent.
  • commented 2017-07-14 12:25:20 +1000
    We moved into a house in Paddington on a 9 month lease under the understanding it was to “sync up” with other leases. While we were there the house was sold and we had to move out at the end of the lease. We never would have moved if we knew it was only going to be a 9 month lease :/