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Help us improve the 192!

Right now the 192 bus service doesn’t run on weekends or at night – so a big chunk of local residents are left stranded at these times. 

The state and local government have justified this lack of services by saying not enough people use the 192. We need your help to tell them this is nonsense-

Just because people aren't using an inadequate and inconvenient service, does not mean they wouldn't use a better one.

Improving this bus service will also help reinvigorate small businesses, allowing more people to enjoy West End's commercial district and nightlife.

Imagine being able to get around the West End peninsula on the weekend, and being able to get to school, work or uni on the bus, without getting stuck in traffic, or waiting for a bus that is too full, or that never shows up. 

Currently, the lack of services is causing congestion problems on crucial corridors like Dornoch Terrace and Montague Road. The 192 could act as a congestion buster for the area, as well as reducing demand for parking in West End. 

Sign the petition now and please share it with your neighbours, friends, and family. 







1,045 have signed. Let's get to 1,000!

Will you sign?

We call on the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government to improve the 192 bus service, including: 

  • Weekend services.
  • Night time services.
  • Turn up and go services, at least every 15 minutes.

As well as adding an additional stop to the Blue City Glider on Montague Road at Raven Street, Stop 12 (Montague Markets).