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Solving the Housing Crisis

Queensland is in the midst of a housing crisis.

Every Queenslander needs access to a secure, sustainable, and affordable home, but this is becoming an increasingly unachievable basic right. Families across the state are sleeping rough or struggling to afford the roof above their heads. 

Vacancy rates are below 1% in regions across Queensland. Rent and housing prices are at an all-time high and increasing at an alarming rate while wages stagnate, the lowest wage increases in 20 years. 

The waiting list for social housing has increased to nearly 50,000 people, and is only continuing to grow.  

Emergency housing services are underfunded and almost non-existent in some places. At least 33% of Queensland households are under housing stress, struggling to pay their rents or mortgages. 

Neighbourhood centres, domestic violence services and refugee support networks are struggling to meet demand, and lines for food banks are growing. 

Queenslanders need jobs and they need homes and big banks and massive mining corporations need to pay their fair share.

We urgently need:

  • A limit on rent increases, to help working families afford somewhere to live
  • A vacancy levy, to bring empty homes onto the market
  • Inclusionary zoning, requiring developers to build social housing
  • Regulation on short-term accommodation, that displaces long-term residents for wealthy tourists
  • Hundreds of thousands of beautiful public homes

But this won't happen without Queenslanders like you standing up for change, we need your help - will you take the first step?

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