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Massive development at Buranda

Developers are back with a new proposal for the land on the corner of O’Keefe Street and Logan Road, backing onto Buranda Train Station – and it’s massive.

They’re proposing four buildings on the site:

  • One 28-storey residential tower, with 287 dwellings
  • One 26-storey student accommodation tower with 564 rooms
  • One 7-storey residential care facility, with 130 beds
  • One 7-storey mixed use commercial building

Thankfully, unlike their previous proposal, it doesn’t include a 21-storey tower, or any building at all, on Cowley Street. The Buranda State School community and the Better Buranda Project fought hard against this and won, securing this land for the Department of Education instead.

Here's some of my key concerns with this proposed development:

Traffic congestion

The developers are pushing this as a ‘Transport Orientated Development’ yet it still has over 600 car parks. Transport orientated developments often mean higher density living that relies on public transport, rather than on cars. This is a great location for one, with direct access to the train, bus station and the Logan Road Stones Corner hub just down the road. 600 new car parks will have a significant impact on the already congested roads nearby.

Pedestrian safety 

The O'Keefe Street and Logan Road intersection is already really hostile and dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly for students coming from the nearby Buranda State School and the Narbethong State Special School. Adding hundreds of new cars going in and out during peak hour, without any upgrades to the intersection and nearby active transport infrastructure, is a recipe for disaster. T

The developers have funded traffic impact planning, but have then stated in their application documents that it is unreasonable for them to pay for works on the road. The very least they could do is pay for the roundabout to be upgraded and turned into a set of traffic lights with a scramble crossing.

Lack of green space

There's a complete lack of truly public green space and deep planting (big trees) in the proposal. The developers have included an ‘Urban Common’ in their proposal but I suspect that it will look similar to the ‘open space’ at similar big developments like West Village, where there's lots of small shrubs and plants rather than grass to sit on. It’s the kind of open space where you can sit for a few minutes, but can’t exercise in, take kids to play or have a picnic.

Transport orientated developments are great, and this is the perfect location right across from Hanlon Park and in walking distance to the Buranda shops and Stones Corner. But our community deserves so much better than what this developer has proposed at this site.