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Bus Network Review 2022

31st of October 2022


Brisbane Metro Project Team

Sent by email: [email protected]

Cr. Ryan Murphy 

Civic Cabinet Chair of Transport

Sent by email: [email protected]

Hon. Mark Bailey

Minister for Transport and Main roads

Sent by email: [email protected]

Constituent feedback on the Bus Network Review

Dear Brisbane Metro team, Cr. Murphy and Hon Mark Bailey

I am writing to share constituent feedback on the changes made through the Brisbane Bus Network Review. 

I understand that the scope of the review was limited because of the State government’s refusal to increase funding for our transport network. But I was still concerned that the rearranging of our bus services has left some of my constituents feeling worse off. In the spirit of the Metro team’s open feedback process, I’d like to pass on their concerns. 

One of the main oversights raised is the missed opportunity to improve transport from Kangaroo Point and West End.  The current route often takes one from West End, into the valley or the city and then back over the story bridge. This seems to have not been addressed in the review.

I believe the Metro time have rightly identified the Cultural Centre Station as a bottle-neck in our bus network. However, I am concerned that rerouting many buses over Captain Cook bridge could move the problem there. If Captain Cook bridge is to host a lot more traffic, it needs a dedicated busway. 

I am glad to see that the 26 will improve bus-access for Kangaoo Point. But I was disappointed to see that the bus only runs on peak. Personally I think that the route 26 should run all day, nights and weekends. The section between the Gabba station and the tip of Kangaroo point is very poorly serviced.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider this feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact my office on 3724 9100 if you would like to discuss this matter in more detail.

Kind regards,

Amy MacMahon

Member for South Brisbane

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