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Tackling the cost of living this Christmas

Rich gas executives don’t deserve a Christmas bonus, but the Greens think everyday Queenslanders do.

Corporate profits are one of the key drivers of inflation right now – while families worry about covering their mortgage repayments or their next tank of petrol, big corporations are willfully driving up the cost of living.

Australian gas corporations made almost $40 billion in windfall profits over the last year off the back of driving soaring energy prices.

So the Greens’ want to give every Queensland adult a $500 cost-of-living payment before Christmas, paid for by higher royalties on super high gas prices.

Not only will this give crucial cost of living relief to Queenslanders when they need it most, but would discourage blatant price gouging by multinational gas corporations. 

Here’s how we could do this:

  • Triple the highest price tier for gas royalty rates for the next year to raise an extra $2 billion
  • This is enough to give every Queenslander a $500 cost-of-living payment
  • This $2 billion is in addition to Treasury’s existing projections for royalties raised off gas in Queensland