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Disability Accessibility in the Arts

Thank you. Minister, what investigations have the government or the department done into mainstreaming accessibility for arts venues—not just physical accessibility but information, infrastructure and technology for sensory accessibility as well?

Minster Arts: 
I thank the member for the question. Certainly, one of the strong suits of Arts Queensland and the work that we have been doing under our road map is to ensure that we are building our capacity and capability in terms of accessibility. We are seeing that right across the work that we do. I might bring forward the deputy director-general with regards to that to speak in more detail on it. We can be very proud of the diversity that we have built into our road map—everything from the work we are doing in regards to First Nations people through to an all-abilities approach to ensuring that arts is something that connects us all and helps us all to prosper into the future. I will bring forward the deputy director-general.

DG Arts:
I thank the member for the question. I think that Dr MacMahon actually corresponded with the minister about accessibility issues. It is something very important in the arts. When we look forward to 2032 and the Paralympic Games, I think we have a remarkable opportunity to grow access to the arts for all abilities. It is something that we think about in everything
that we program and that we are doing. It is something that I know the minister, Clare and I are passionate about. We fund a number of organisations in the disability space like Access Arts and Crossroads Arts. We fund a number of individual projects through our Queensland Arts Showcase Program. Wilbur the Optical Whale you would have seen when it was at Metro Arts last year. It is a big area for our arts statutory bodies. The CEOs, who are here, can all talk about how they make their experience accessible across the board for people with sensory processing disabilities or autism spectrum disorder.

I think the other part of your question also deals with live streaming. When we are talking about access, there is also the way to get the arts to people through live streaming and digital platforms. The new performing arts venue will have a big commitment to live streaming. It is amazing that we can build that in now. It is a unique opportunity. Separately, both our Centre for Contemporary Arts, Bulmba-ja, in Cairns and the Judith Wright Arts Centre have invested in live streaming so that all artists can present their works to people right across the state.

Minister Arts:
I will add to that as the question was originally asked of me. I am advised that the Queensland Theatre has Auslan interpretation, for instance. There are modified performances for sensory concerns at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. There are programs at QAGOMA. There are some practical applications of what you were asking about in your question. The detail that you have been provided by the deputy director-general gives you some more insight.

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