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Disability and Disaster Preparedness

On 4 April, 2023, we hosted an online forum in collaboration with Queenslanders with Disability Network and Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion, on disaster preparedness for people with disability. This page shares some of the key resources, tool and links that were shared at the forum.

Watch the Online Forum

You can watch the recording of the online forum here

Person-Centred Emergency Prepardness

You can find background and information on QDNs Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness Toolkit here. 

QDN also offer services of digital inclusions, with more information here

QAI Natural Disaster Disability Advocacy

You can read more about QAIs Natural Disaster Disability Advocacy service here

QAIs solicitors may be able to assist you if you were impacted by the floods in 2022, or if you think you would be at risk of harm in future natural disasters. In particular, their solicitors can provide specialist advice and assistance on the discriminatory impacts natural disasters have on people with disability in Queensland, particularly as it relates to safe and accessible housing and servicing.

ADHD Senate Inquiry

There was a question during the forum about access to controlled medication during natural disasters, including ADHD medication. People might like to make a submission to the current ADHD Senate Inquiry - submissions close on 9 June 2023. You can find more about this here

Resilient Kurilpa Tools for Apartments

Resilient Kurilpa, a community group based in West End, have collated a series of tools for people living in apartments. In particular, they have a template for a body corproate to put together a flood mitigation plan. You can see this and other resources here

What support can your elected representatives offer?

For anyone in an electorate with a Greens representatives, we can offer the following resources during and after a natural disaster:

  • Mobilising volunteers in our electorates to help with clean-up, dropping of essentials to people in need, or helping with transport
  • Liaising with Energex
  • Liaising with state and council departments
  • Sharing info over email and social media - you can follow Amy on facebook here
  • Connecting people with Evacuation Hubs and Recovery Hubs
  • Resources such as masks (for smoke/health), gloves, water

We'd encourage people to reach out to their local councillor and local state member to see what services and support they can offer. Head here to find out what electorate you are in. 

BCC Flood Maps

For people in Brisbane, check the BCC flood map here. If you're moving housing, buying or renting, make sure you check to see if that property is in a flood zone. 

You can also monitor river levels via the river gagues. See the Brisbane City River Gague here. You can see the Norman Creek gague here

See river height data for other parts of Queensland here

Get to know your neighbours

During a disaster, the people who are most likely to be able to reach you the soonest are your neighbours, so it's worthwhile taking the time to say hi. The Red Cross have some tools and tips for reaching out to your neighbours, which you can read here

What is one thing you could do this weekend to be more prepared for a potential disaster?

Have a think about one thing you could do this weekend to be more prepared for a potential disaster. This might be:

  • Buying some bottled water
  • Getting a charging pack to make sure your phone and devices can remain charged if the power goes out
  • Saying hello to your neighbours
  • Printing out key phone numbers and having them handy on your phone
  • Putting together an emergency kit for yourself
  • Making a plan for your pets or assistance animals
  • Checking your local flood maps
  • Contact your local councillor or member of parliament to see what support they can offer