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Disability Schooling Inclusivity

Director-General, students with disability are receiving disproportionately high numbers of school disciplinary absences. Can the government advise what support is being implemented to reduce the number of students with disability receiving school disciplinary absences?

Member for South Brisbane, I will allow the question. I acknowledge that the director-general will answer it as he sees fit; however, it is probably best a question for the education portfolio. I will allow the director-general to respond.

DG Seniors and Disability Services:
You took the words out of my mouth there, Madam Chair.

Thank you for the question. First of all. It is a little bit like the question earlier about transport. As we are not responsible for the delivery of transport services, we are also not responsible for education services, but we do play a role in terms of investing in advocacy and ensuring that the disability advocacy networks have a sense of voice so that if they are running into such concerns they can make those concerns heard. As Madam Chair points out, it is probably a question better asked of the Education director-general, I am sorry.

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