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Step in and fix the Dockside Boardwalk

The boardwalk and marina at Dockside in Kangaroo Point is owned by the state government, but is leased to a private company. Right now, the boardwalk has been closed to the public for almost a whole year for repairs by the private leaseholder. 

In that time, despite the Department of Resources issuing multiple safety notices, the private leaseholder still hasn’t finished repairs (or from what we can see, even started them).

When it seemed like the state Labor government was going to take real action and take the leaseholder to court, they backed down and now believe the leaseholder is going to fix the boardwalk. 

I’ve heard two different timeframes that the Department has now given the leaseholder for these repairs to be completed: September or December 2024. Either way, I think both are unacceptably generous timeframes.

Help us tell the state Labor government that this isn’t good enough, they need to take urgent action to get the boardwalk fixed and re-opened.

You can also join our peacefuly rally on Saturday 22 June 2024, details here

Will you sign?

Premier Steven Miles and Minister Scott Stewart, we urge you to step in and urgently get the state-owned Dockside Marina boardwalk fixed and reopened. 

Not only do almost 10,000 Queenslanders live in Kangaroo Point, but it’s a popular place for local and international tourists to visit. It’s unacceptable for such a highly used piece of public infrastructure to remain closed for so long. 

 We call on you to act urgently to ensure that: 

  • The boardwalk is fixed and reopened as soon as possible.
  • Key dates and milestones are set along the way to ensure the leaseholder is genuinely taking action to fix the boardwalk as fast as possible.
  • There are concrete consequences for the leaseholder if they don’t meet key dates.
  • The Minister comes down to Kangaroo Point himself to see the boardwalk and meet with local residents.
  • You consider moving the management of the boardwalk into public hands by handing it over to the Brisbane City Council to ensure these issues don’t happen again.