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A new dog park for West End

West End desparately needs another dog park. With so many new people moving to the area, and many people living in apartments, locals really need a safe place to let their dogs run around. 

Dog parks are set up and managed by the Brisbane City Council. The state government also plays a role, because much of the land along the river, and other empty plots of land, are the responsibility of the state goernment.

Because of bad planning by the Brisbane City Council and the state government, West End has just one dog park, near Orleigh Park. This often gets busy, and isn't accessible for lots of people in West End.  A second dog park on Riverside Drive closed in 2022.

Along with Councillor Trina Massey, we are pushing for a second dog park for West End. 

What happened to the dog park we used to have?

Here is the history of how West End has ended up with just one small dog park. 

There used to be a Riverside Drive Dog Park, near the end of Hockings St. In the 2022 floods, the Riverside Dog Park got flooded. After the flooding, the land started leaking tar into the river - this area used to be a coal tar processing plant til 1984, and the land is still contaminated.

As a result of this contamination, the Brisbane City Council and the state government have begun a remediation program for this land, with the state government partially resuming this land. But this remediation work is progressing very slowly, and neither the BCC nor the state government have a predicted timeframe for when remediation will be completed. All works and upgrades taking place at the Riverside Drive grassed areas, around where the dog park was, are on hold until the remediation programs are completed.

In February 2023, the Brisbane City Council announced a replacement dog park in Jolly Place Park. However, the council did NO consultation beforehand, and many community members said it was a bad location. 

What other options have we explored?

Along with Cr Trina Massey, we have been investigating new spots to propose to Council for a second dog park. 

In 2023, Cr Trina Massy pushed for council to investigate two areas for a new dog park in West End. Both were rejected by council due to City Standards.

Trina has since been pushing Council to aquire land at Duncan Street to turn this into a community park, with a dog park. 24 Duncan St is currently being 'land banked' be a property developer. This would be a good location and size for a park, and wouldn't require any homes being resumed.

Trina has requested a budget of $500,000 for new off-leash dog park for West End, with a plan to include shelters and a separate small dog area in any new dog park. Trina is also investigating an upgrade to the Orleigh Park dog park in the meantime. She’s going to conduct community consultation on it soon.