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Animal welfare & racing

Question one - Animal Care


The 2021-22 budget gives $41.3 million to the racing industry for new infrastructure as well as supporting animal care. How will the government ensure the industry
supports animal care in the expending of these funds?

Answer from CEO of Racing Queensland:

The minister discussed the one per cent prize money levy which has been implemented by Racing Queensland. The entirety of that levy is being returned to after-care activities which we have just extended—subsidised lessons, grants programs, as well as partnerships with the likes of Riding for the Disabled Association and funding for existing rehoming programs. One per cent of all prize money for equine racing will be delivered back to animal care initiatives.

In addition to that, Racing Queensland has a number of other activities in the animal care space. In greyhound racing, last year we introduced a greyhound racing injury management scheme to significantly reduce the serious injuries that happen at race meetings. That has been a very effective program which has lowered euthanasia rates by 60 per cent since it was introduced.

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