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Save & Expand Davies Park

What’s been happening?

In late 2020, a developer lodged an application for two 26-storey towers right on the edge of Davies Park at 297 Montague Rd – currently the TOMRA recycling centre and QBBC building.

This development application exceeds the neighbourhood plan height by 14 storeys. If built, it would set a new precedent for building heights in the area. The towers would also cast big shadows over the park and contribute to significant traffic congestion along Montague Road.

The community mobilised against this unsustainable project, and reminded Brisbane City Council that further development in West End must be supported by greater investment in public transport and facilities. More than 800 residents signed our petition calling for this development to be rejected, and for the site to be acquired for public parkland.

Now Brisbane City Council has asked the developer to reduce the tower height, to address traffic concerns, and to set aside more space for deep-planted trees. This means the current proposal is unlikely to proceed, but the developer could still submit amended plans. There’s no fixed deadline for them to make changes to their application.

What’s next?

While council could still end up approving a bad development on this site, we now have a critical opening. 

Our community is rapidly growing, yet there hasn’t been a significant increase in green space in the Kurilpa peninsula in decades. Now is the time for us to double down and push for the council and state government to buy this site to expand Davies Park.

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This site is an opportunity – it should not be privately redeveloped at all. Instead, it should be bought by Council and the State Government to expand Davies Park. 

You can also watch my speech in parliament about this issue here

1,451 have signed. Let's get to 1,300!

Will you sign?

We call on the Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner & the Deputy Premier Steven Miles to reject the development application for two 26 storey towers at 281-297 Montague Road and buy this site for public parkland.