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West End Footbridges

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What’s happening?

Back in 2019 the Brisbane City Council announced it’s Greens Bridges Program. Included in this program are two proposed footbridges in West End: one from Toowong to West End and the other going from St Lucia to West End. 

Council is currently running community consultation on which alignments (landing locations) local residents prefer for the West End footbridges – closing on 31 March 2021. 

Councillor Jonathan Sri and I are running our own online local survey, separate to the council’s poorly drafted surveys. Ours is a combined survey about both bridges. I know filling in multiple surveys is a little cumbersome, but these are such big pieces of infrastructure for our local area. Filling in both the council’s surveys and our survey will help Jonno and I advocate effectively for you. You can find our survey here.

The Council has a separate survey for each bridge. You can find the BCC Toowong to West End survey here and the BCC St Lucia to West End survey here. It will take less than 10 minutes to fill them out but it's best to read through this information first to get your head around the pros and cons of the different options.


What are the options?

The Council is proposing 3 options for each bridge. 

For Toowong to West End:

For St Lucia to West End:


What happens next?

Well it depends on the outcome of the consultation, and then whether the council can get additional funding from either the Queensland or Australian Government.

Jonathan Sri, Michael Berkman and I will be carefully pouring over all the feedback we’ve received from local residents. We’ll be drawing on this information to form a formal position, and then we’ll be advocating for this.

The BCC will go away and prepare business cases, other technical investigations and assessments and concept designs. It’s likely to be years before construction begins, and longer before we see the bridges. 

Jonathan Sri and I will keep everyone over here on the south side updated with any new information we get – sign up on this page for updates.