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Fully fund our state schools campaign

Public education should be free - but public funding for Queensland’s state schools is among the lowest in the country.

On top of this, schools are charging families more and more for uniforms, resources, laptops, excursions, and even for kids to enroll in particular subjects. Given the broader cost of living crisis - with the cost of groceries and housing only going up - this can be a huge burden for families. 

What we're calling for

  1. Fund all state school to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard in the next bilateral agreement
  2. Fully fund schools from the BEGINNING from the next agreement - not years down the track
  3. Allocate funding to cover all additional costs - this would cost just $1.2 billion annually, to cover out-of-pocket expenses for all kids at state schools ($2,000 per child) 

How can you get involved?

  1. Send a letter to your local MP, calling for full school funding
  2. Get a pack of stickers, to put on your car, bike, wheelie bin, letterbox or staffroom
  3. Get a placard for your fence or staffroom
  4. Help out with flyering: We'll send you a set of flyers, stickers, and tips for having conversations with neighbours and colleagues about the schools funding campaign
  5. Sign up here to volunteer at a school breakfast, or a school resources event