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Community Grants 2021-22

South Brissie state schools kids helper grants

State schools should be genuinely free. But right now local parents are having to fork out thousands of dollars each year on school fees, textbooks, excursions and laptops.

For some parents that’s not much money, but others it can represent a massive dent out of their family budget. On a broader level I’ll keep fighting for our state schools to be fully-funded, and for all state school service fees, excursion costs and textbook costs to be abolished and replaced with extra government funding.

But in the meantime, my office is offering grants of up to $200 to local South Brissie state school kids, whose parents or carers need a little bit of extra help to cover an upcoming excursion or new uniform set.


The grant is open to any kid who lives in the South Brisbane electorate and who is attending a local state school: Dutton Park State School, West End State School, East Brisbane State School, Buranda State School, Brisbane State High, Brisbane South State Secondary College & Narbethong State Special School 

How to apply

Get in touch with my office on 3724 9100 or [email protected] and let us know:

  • Your name, address and best contact number
  • Your kids name and what school they go to
  • A rough idea of what it'll be helping them with, e.g. a school excursion, a new uniform, money towards a new laptop

Sadly my office budget isn't huge so these grants my run out before the end of financial year depending on interest and need in the community. I'll update this page when this has happened.

Strengthening our diverse community grants

One of the things I love the most about our local South Brisbane community is how vibrant, active and diverse it is. To keep it that way, it’s important that we do our bit to support local grassroots multicultural and First Nations community groups and organisations.

My office is offering small grants of up to $500 for any local First Nations or multicultural community groups with upcoming community projects or events.


The grant is open to any local group or organisation (you don't need to be incorporated) that is run by First Nations or multicultural folks, doing work in the South Brisbane community (East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Dutton Park, Woolloongabba, South Brisbane, West End, Highgate Hill, southern Annerley). This could be hosting local events, running local workshops or any other project.

The event and/or workshop would ideally need to be low cost or free so community members aren't excluded if they don't have the financial means to participate. 

How to apply

Get in touch with my office on 3724 9100 or [email protected] and let us know:

  • Your name, email and best contact number
  • The name of your organisation/group and a little description of what you do
  • A little description of what the project/event is that you need help funding

Sadly my office budget isn't huge so these grants my run out before the end of financial year depending on interest and need in the community. I'll update this page when this has happened.

Other grants

My office budget is limited but if there is something else you or your community group would like funding for, please get in touch on 3724 9100 or [email protected] and we'll see if we can help! Here's also a list of other community grants from a range of difference sources that might be helpful.

COVID-19 support

The Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment is for people living in Queensland who can't earn an income because they must self-isolate, quarantine or care for someone who has COVID-19.
Click here for more details. Applications are ongoing.

SEQ 2022 Flood support

A list of grants available for those affected by the 2022 SEQ floods can be found here.

Other funding opportunities

There are a number of grants available to assist local organisations, clubs, and individuals who are looking to provide a new service to the community, or need support to continue the work they're doing. If you’re in Maiwar and want a letter of support for any of the following, please get in touch with my office via [email protected]

To provide funding to not-for-profit community groups to help them provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.
Click here for more details. There are multiple rounds each year. Rounds close 28 February, 30 April, 30 June, 30 August, 30 October.

BUDGET DIRECT SPONSORSHIP ($1,000, $2,500, or $5,000)
Budget Direct supports organisations who provide local or statewide community services, run community awareness and education programs, promote health and wellbeing, advocate for road safety, provide emergency services, support in-need or at-risk Australians, or help build strong, vibrant communities.
Click here for more details. Rounds close 30 June, 30 September, 31 December.

The Damien Greer Lawyers Community Grant program recognises and celebrates organisations that strive to make a positive impact within their local community, including helping the community in times of need, building community togetherness and sense of belonging, promoting positive health and wellbeing, supporting community services and groups, nurturing the local environment.
Click here for more details. Applications close 31 December 2021.

These grants are aimed at helping groups who make a huge difference to those in need, but struggle to find funding through other avenues. If your organisation provides compassion, hope and practical assistance to those in need, then you may be eligible for financial support from the Sisters of Charity Foundation.
Click here for more details. Next round opens 8 July 2021 and closes 31 July 2022.

To support local community projects that help make Brisbane a friendly and safe, active and healthy, clean and green, or vibrant and creative city.
Click here for more details. Applications close 17 June 2022 or when the allocated budget is exhausted.

Funding for projects that prepare for natural disasters, support long-term recovery and build resilience against future disasters.
Click here
for more details. Applications open for Round 2, 2022.

One-off funding is available to support initiatives that target people who identify as women and who may be more vulnerable or experience multiple levels of disadvantage, including: Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people, people with a disability, LGBTIQ people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (including people on temporary visas), people in rural, regional and remote communities, young people, older people. 
Click here for more details. Next round opens in July 2022 and closes 31 July 2022. 

A Mortgage Relief Loan provides short-term help to people who are having difficulties with their home loan repayments due to unemployment, accident, illness, or some other unexpected or unforeseen crisis. The loan is interest free with no application fees or ongoing charges.
Click here for more info. Applications are ongoing.

Funding to help revitalise creative industries, support infrastructure and jobs, and power Queensland’s plan for economic recovery.
Click here for more details and closing dates.

Venue hire concessions are available to targeted community and non-profit groups in order to support events and programs directly linked to the State Library of Queensland's services, programs, and activities.
Click here for more details. Applications are ongoing.

Searching for grants

The main providers of grants are the Federal, State, and Local Governments, as well as private organisations. There are a number of websites available to help you find grants that are relevant to your organisation or project, including:

Tips on writing grant submissions

There are also a few handy guides available to help write submissions when applying for a grant: