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Fighting for Our Healthcare Workers

Our hospitals are in crisis.

Even before COVID, nurses, midwives and allied health workers were facing long hours, low pay, burnout and stress. Since the start of the pandemic, things have only gotten worse. With many people leaving the sector, staff are now dealing with staff shortages, long hours, low morale and poor mental health. 

Workers have said to us: 

"For years the healthcare has not kept up with population growth"

"[We're facing a] lack of job security, budget cuts, no time for innovation as constantly trying to catch up"

"We are facing increased demand on service both in acuity and numbers. But no increase in staffing, pay, resources or support"

And when our healthcare workers suffer, patients suffer. 

In a wealthy state like Queeensland, it shouldn't be like this. 

Our healthcare workers need:

But to do this, we need your help. While the Queensland Government continues to say our hospitals are in great shape, it's workers and patients who suffer. 

Sign up to help us fight for the health system we deserve.