Affordable, Universal Housing

The Greens plan to create the medicare of the 21st century, with the construction of 1 million, universally accessible, affordable homes

Affordable Housing

It’s common sense that health care and education are universal and free - because they are basic necessities that we all need to live a good life.

The Greens plan to create the medicare of the 21st century, with the construction of 1 million, universally accessible, affordable homes.

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1 Million Homes

We’ll invest in the construction of 1 Million affordable homes over the next 30 years.120,000 homes will built within the first six years with 200,000 built within 10 years.

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Homes will be universally available to any Queenslander who wishes to apply, with rent calculated at 25% of income or market rate, whichever is lower

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A Home for Life

We’ll remove ongoing criteria checks, to ensure that once someone is renting a home, it is theirs for life.

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Ensuring developers contribute

Mandate that 20% of all new developments be delivered as affordable housing

See full costings and details:

Across South Brisbane…

Our electorate has some of the highest rates of housing stress and homelessness in Queensland. As wages drop in relation to house prices and rents, our neighbourhoods are becoming increasingly unaffordable.

From 2007 – 2014 the proportion of low income households in rental stress in inner-city Brisbane has increased by 18.4%

[CHART] Housing stress in Brisbane: 2007-2008 - 29.8%; 2009-2010 - 43.2%; 2011-2012 - 44.4%; 2013-2014 - 48.2%

But it’s not just low income households

The map to the right shows what housing affordability looks like for a couple earning the median household income for Brisbane.

[MAP OF HOUSING UNAFFORDABILITY IN SOUTH BRISBANE] Severely unaffordable suburbs (38-60% of income spent on rent): South Brisbane, West end, Highgate Hill. Unaffordable suburbs (30-38% of income spent on rent): Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane, Wooloongabba, Dutton Park. Annerly is Moderately unaffordable with 25-30% of income spent on rent.

We're facing a crisis across Queensland

Wages in Queensland are stagnating in comparison to rents and house prices. But the Queensland Government’s housing plan will see a drop in the proportion of social housing and will do little to address the growing crisis.

Every Queenslander has the right to a safe and secure home they can be proud of.

[5 FACTS ABOUT HOUSING UNAFFORDABILITY] 1 in 5 households are currently in financial stress due to unaffordable rents or mortgages - the highest rate in the country; 19,838 homeless; 29,053 people are currently on the social housing waiting list; Shortage of 100,000 affordable homes for low income earners in Queensland ; For a Brisbane family on minimum wage with two children only 1% of housing is affordable