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Kangaroo Point

There’s so much happening in and around Kangaroo Point. I’ve been inspired by how many locals have been organising together and fighting hard for better outcomes for our community – from standing up against unsustainable development or pushing for more public transport. There’s so many issues bubbling away in the local area, so I’d love to know what you’d like me to focus on as your local MP. I’m running a quick little five question online survey to help capture this information.

Here's some quick information on some of the local issues in Kangaroo Point:

Unsustainable development

The Council has encouraged high density living, and rapid densification of Kangaroo Point but isn’t investing infrastructure to support it. This has caused issues to build up that badly impact the community, like traffic congestion and overcrowded public spaces. I will continue to speak out against unsustainable development that benefits developers, rather than the community; and fight for an overhaul of the Planning Act in parliament.

Public transport

The Council shut down the Dockside and Thornton Street ferry terminals overnight, with no proper community consultation. The Council have stated that Dockside is temporarily closed for repairs, but they have not given a concrete start date on construction or even allocated funding. Thornton Street has been permanently shut down, because it was seen to be redundant with the new Kangaroo Point green bridge. I don’t stand by any closure to public transport and do not agree with the manner in which Council went about these closures – no consultation with public or the local Councillor. 

Parts of Kangaroo Point are also severely lacking in high frequency bus services. I'd like to see a new North-South CityGlider from Annerley, through Kangaroo Point to Bowen Hills, filling one of the biggest gaps in inner-city Brisbane’s transport network. This route would also connect thousands of Kangaroo Point residents with the new Cross River Rail Station at the Gabba.

Missing links in the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk

Residents should be able to walk from a revitalised Mowbray Park, all the way around Kangaroo Point, and connect with the new Kangaroo Point footbridge, enjoying lookouts, seating and gardens along the way. But right now, the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk still has missing links.

After years of pressure from the community and Jonathan Sri, the state government has finally come to the table, with a commitment of $22.5 million towards completing the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk. But the Council is still refusing to commit the other half of the funding. There's also a debate around the true cost of delivering the missing links of the Riverwalk – with the Council disputing the state government's costings. I'll be pushing for both the Council and state government to both contribute the necessary funding to this piece of essential infrastructure.

Commercialisation of Dockside Marina

The Dockside Marina is leased by the State government to a private company, under an ongoing lease. The first condition of the lease is that it would only be used for residential boats, but there is a commercial vessel serving out of the Marina. I have written to the Minister for Resources (who manages the lease in his portfolio) asking why the lease has been directly violated, and for action to be taken.

Shafston House

Shafston House was built in the 1850s and is a Queensland Heritage Place. It is also likely to be the third oldest house in Brisbane. The House sits on just under 10,000 square metres and is just across the river from the Sydney Street ferry terminal. The House was owned by the Federal Government until 1993, when it was sold for only $1.8 million (which converts to about $3.4 million today), and it was sold earlier this year to developers Burgundy Group for about $17.5 million. The developers recently lodged an application to the Council for a partial demolition of the house, and removal of surrounding mature trees. Click here to find out how to write to the Council and State Minister about this issue.




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