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This. Is. It. The election has just been called for 25 November. This is the best shot we have ever had at changing politics in Queensland. After Jonathan Sri's exciting victory in the Gabba Ward we have a historic chance to put the first Greens MP in Queensland Parliament. 

Come grab a drink, meet the campaign team and volunteers, and get hyped for this incredible campaign!

This is our chance to take back control of our democracy and community from corporate interests and their lobbyists. The Australian has estimated that we only need 455 votes to win the election, but we can’t afford to be complacent. The Labor party is going to pour millions of dollars into protecting the Deputy Premier. But we have something that Labor doesn’t, a grassroots campaign built on genuine community engagement and a huge volunteer base.

We can create a future for all of us built upon sustainability, equality, and dignity. But we can’t do it alone. Every social movement is only strong if those who are passionate come together to fight in solidarity for something better. The future starts with you and it starts here in South Brisbane.


Who's RSVPing

Darrel Altmann
Felicity Jodell
Lochlan Morrissey
Stephen Lacaze
Tracy Schrader
Gregory Davis
Gemma Robertson

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