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More green space or more towers near Davies Park

What’s happening?

A developer has lodged an application for two 26 storey highrise towers on the current TOMRA Recycling Centre site (281 Montague Road) and the QBCC site (297 Montague Road). Both these sites back onto Davies Park.

Here's some brief information about what's in the development application (you can find the full DA here):

  • Two 26 storey towers – the height limit for the site in the Neighbourhood Plan is 6 storeys on Montague Rd frontage and 12 behind.
  • 470 units – the developer has estimated that this represents about 960 residents.
  • 728 car parks – the driveway entrance is currently proposed to be on Montague Road next to the Vulture Street intersection.

The developer is arguing that they should be allowed to build to 14 storeys over the height limit in exchange for handing over 0.4 hectares of the site as public parkland.

But to put this into context, the BCC City Plan says that for every 1,000 residents, there should be at least 1.4 hectares of public green space in the local area. 0.4 hectares isn’t even enough green space for the residents who will live in these new buildings. It won’t do anything to address the existing shortage of green space in the Kurilpa Peninsula.


What’s the timeline?

The BCC have sent the developer a request for more information – and the public notification period can't start until they receive this information. The developer has up until the 1 May 2021 to provide this information. Once the council has received this information, the developer has up to 20 business days to start the public notification period.

The notification period then runs for 15 days. This is the time when residents are invited to put in submissions – submissions outside this period don’t have to be considered by the assessment manager. 

I’ll be keeping my eye on this closely and keep residents up to date – but I think it’s mostly likely that this public notification period will happen sometime in April/May 2021 and don’t expect a decision from the Council on this development to happen before May 2021.


How do we fight back?

Jonathan Sri and I are calling for the council and state government to buy this site and turn it into public parkland. But our voices alone won’t be enough to make this happen. To win this, we’re going to need to come together as a community and fight for this green space. 

We'll be kicking off a community campaign to fight this. Sign up on this page to go on my mailing list about this issue and to stay up to date which how you can help.