Petition: Improve Public Transport for Kurilpa Peninsula

Brisbane City Council has again failed to include funding for a ferry terminal near Victoria St, West End in its annual budget, and has also neglected to include it in the draft of its 10-year Local Government Infrastructure Plan. The council's Local Government Infrastructure Plan has just gone out for public consultation, and will then need to be signed off by the State Government.

This petition is worded broadly to include alternative public transport options, so you can sign it even if you don't necessarily think a ferry terminal is the best choice, however it also makes quite specific demands. Previous petitions regarding this issue only targeted the city council, but the State Government is ultimately responsible for signing off on the Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

The point is to force both Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government to acknowledge that the current Blue CityGlider service is not enough to handle future projected population growth on the Kurilpa Peninsula and that council must plan to deliver better public transport in the next few years if it wants to reduce traffic congestion rather than sitting by and watching it get worse.

Other actions you can take:

Call or email the following people directly to ask that a high-capacity public transport service be included in the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (for this sort of issue, calling is generally more effective than emailing)...

Make a submission on council's Local Government Infrastructure Plan (ideally before 21 July, 2017) through this link

We call on the Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Council to include funding in the annual budget and the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) for a new ferry terminal or other high-capacity, high-frequency public transport service along the western side of the West End peninsula. We call for the delivery of this infrastructure within the next three years.

We call on the State Government and the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning to refuse to approve Brisbane City Council's LGIP unless it includes a ferry terminal or other significant public transport investment for this area.

A new ferry terminal to service the Montague Road side of West End was a specific inclusion in the 2011 South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan, and was seen as essential to cater for the area’s rapid population growth. West End’s population has risen significantly, and council has approved several apartment developments of even greater heights and gross floor areas than the already generous limits set out in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan.

Montague Road is often heavily congested during peak periods and the current Blue CityGlider route gets delayed by general traffic. While the Brisbane Metro and Cross River Rail projects will improve public transport services for other parts of Brisbane, the city council has failed to fund public transport improvements along Montague Road and around West End more generally. High-density development without public infrastructure is unsustainable. Please prioritise delivering this long-overdue upgrade.

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