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New ferry terminal for West End

West End needs a second CityCat terminal. At the moment, there is no terminal between Orleigh Park and South Bank, meaning so many West End residents have no way of catching the ferry. A new ferry terminal would connect locals to UQ, the City, and help reduce congestion along Montague Rd. With free public transport, this could also save people hundreds of dollars every year.

Thanks to pressure from Councillor Trina Massy, the BCC have included a new ferry terminal for Victoria St in their forward plan for infrastructure.

But at this stage, there is no budget yet allocated for this, and the BBCs timeframe is sometime between 2026 and 2031 - way too far away! With the BCC recently announcing a cut to their operating budget, at the same time as announcing a tax break for developers, it really seems like the BCC have deprioritised investment in the kinds of crucial infrastructure the community desparately needs.

Which is why we'll be ramping up the pressure on the Brisbane City Council, and the state government (who fund public transport) to secure this public transport infrastructure our community really needs.