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Backing our nurses

Queensland’s public hospitals are facing a critical shortage of nurses and midwives. And is it any wonder – when nurses in Queensland face long hours, low pay and terrible conditions. 

The state government needs to take urgent action to recruit, train and retain nurses. Victorian Labor has committed to free uni degrees for nurses and midwives, and a bonus for health care workers.

If Victorian Labor can do this, why can’t Queensland Labor?

The Greens are calling for the state government to implement:

  • Free nursing and midwifery degrees for budding Queensland nurses to fix our state's workforce shortage.
  • Scholarships to cover the cost of re-entering the nursing workforce and courses to further the careers of existing nurses.
  • A $5000 retention and workforce re-entry payment this year and next year for all Queensland Health nurses and midwives.

It’s time for Queensland Labor to fix the nursing workforce shortage and to ensure our state doesn’t keep losing our essential hospital workers. 

Sign the petition to tell Queensland Labor to back our nurses. 

Will you sign?

Sign the petition to tell Queensland Labor to follow their Victorian counterparts' lead, and commit to free university, specialist training and bonuses for nurses and midwives.