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Open letter on the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

1 June 2023

Open Letter to members of the:

Queensland Government, Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee, Brisbane 2032 Coordination Office, Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy Committee, Australian Olympics Committee and the International Olympics Committee

We write in our capacity as representatives for the communities in Woolloongabba, East Brisbane, and Kangaroo Point.

The 2032 Olympic Games has the capacity to bring great benefits to Queensland - but also huge financial and social costs.

The planned Gabba Stadium redevelopment will force an active state primary school, East Brisbane State School, to close. This 124-year-old school, which currently nurtures over 304 children, will close for the sake of a single sporting event. The government currently has no plans for a new school within the existing catchment, despite the express preference of the school community to stay put, or relocate within the catchment. Consultation and communication with the school community has been extremely poor. 

For the Gabba to host athletics, nearby Raymond Park will be cleared for a temporary warm-up track. Raymond Park constitutes about nearly half of all the parkland in Kangaroo Point. Despite initial assurances from the government that a warm-up track would fit in Raymond Park - something the local community always knew to be false - the government have since made clear that family homes will be cleared. Raymond Park is home to 100-year-old trees, an active soccer club, a playground, a basketball court, exercise area, a community garden, a cricket pitch and a dog park. All of this will likely be destroyed for a temporary track. Communication with the affected community has been extremely poor. 

$2.7 billion, to redevelop a single stadium, in the midst of a housing and cost-of-living crisis, is an insult to everyday Queenslanders. Add to this the huge cost of the Olympic Games more broadly. Every Olympic Games since 1960 has run over budget, and in the majority of cases, have been money-losing ventures for host cities. There is little evidence of substantial net increases in tourism. Olympic Games drive up the cost of housing and rent, forcing people out of their neighbourhoods. Millions of people have been displaced due to Olympics developments over the past three decades, or as a result of being priced-out. 

Our communities deserve to feel excited about the Olympics - instead, they are facing their one substantial park being cleared, family homes bulldozed, and their local state primary school closed. Is this the legacy each of you want for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games? 

We invite you all to visit East Brisbane, Woolloongabba and Kangaroo Point, and hear from residents who will be directly affected by the decisions each of you will make over the coming months and years. 


Trina Massey

Councillor for the Gabba Ward

Amy MacMahon

State MP for South Brisbane

Max Chandler-Mather

Federal MP for Griffith


See a PDF of our letter here. 


Addressed to:

Queensland Government

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Honourable Steven Miles

The Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe


Brisbane 2032 Coordination Office

Director General Graham Fraine, CEO


Organising Committee for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Cindy Hook, CEO

Andrew N. Liveris, President

The Honourable Anika Wells

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Councillor Adrian Schrinner

John Coates AC, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee

Jock O’Callaghan, President of Paralympics Australia

Bronte Barratt OAM OLY

Matt Allen AM, Vice President of the Australian Olympic Committee

Matt Carroll AM, CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee

Brett Clark, BOC Board Director

Natalie Cook OAM OLY, BOC Board Director

Kurt Fearnley AO PLY, BOC Board Director

Rebecca Frizelle OAM, BOC Board Director

Patrick Johnson OLY, BOC Board Director

Sarah Kelly OAM, BOC Board Director

Graham Perrett MP, BOC Board Director

Shelley Reys AO, BOC Board Director

Rob Scott OLY, BOC Board Director

Robyn Smith OAM, Australian member of the International Paralympic Committee Governing Board

Cr Clare Stewart, BOC Board Director

Tracy Stockwell OAM OLY, BOC Board Director


Australian Olympic Committee

Matt Carroll AM, CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee

Ian Chesterman AM, President of the Australian Olympic Committee

Evelyn Halls, Vice President of the Australian Olympic Committee

Mark Arbib BA MA, Australian Olympic Committee Member

Cate Campbell OAM OLY (Chair - Athletes' Commission), Australian Olympic Committee Member

Alisa Camplin-Warner AM, Australian Olympic Committee Member

Craig Carracher LLB (Hons), BCL(Hons), Australian Olympic Committee Member

Kitty Chiller AM OLY, Australian Olympic Committee Member

Catherine Fettell, Australian Olympic Committee Member

Michael Murphy BCom LLB(Hons) MBA, Australian Olympic Committee Member

Elizabeth Scott OAM, Australian Olympic Committee Member

Ken Wallace OAM OLY (Deputy Chair - Athletes' Commission), Australian Olympic Committee Member


Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Legacy Committee

Georgina Richters, Deputy Chair, Legacy Committee

Sharon Boyce, Legacy Committee

Cameron Costello, Legacy Committee

Wayne Gerard, Legacy Committee

Danya Hodgetts, Legacy Committee

Diaswati Mardiasmo, Legacy Committee

Ashleigh Morris, Legacy Committee

Cameron Pegg, Legacy Committee

Ingrid Proud, Legacy Committee

Imogen Ruyg, Legacy Committee

John Wagner, Legacy Committee

Siwei Zhu, Legacy Committee