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Converting Olympic's Village to Public Disability Housing

Minister, Queensland is set to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Presumably all athlete accommodation will be designed to be fully accessible. Has the government given any consideration to committing to transitioning this accommodation to permanent disability public housing following the games?

Minister Seniors and Disability Services: 
Thank you for the question. Our department will do what we can to support the Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s task force and the board and the work that they do, but this is still a long way out. We want to make sure that the Olympics, and particularly the Paralympics, in Brisbane really showcase this city, this state and this country. We have a lot of work to do in 10 years.

I am very impressed to see names like Kurt Fearnley being there, as well as other names. I think it is going to be a journey for us all. Our department’s responsibility in this is fairly thin, but certainly we will, if we are invited to and where we can, work with those other departments and the Premier’s department around this. Can I say: in the conversations we have been having thus far about the journey towards 2032, inclusive arrangements are a big part of that. Specifically around the housing aspect that you mentioned, I am not aware of anything particularly at this stage.

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