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Public Disability Transport Services

Following up on a previous un-answered question to Minister Transport regarding what the government was doing to address taxi service failures to people with disabilities. See Mark Bailey's response


Minister, also on the question of taxis, it seems that leaving a vital service like transport to the private sector—and you have alluded to availability of drivers and cars—has failed. What investigations has the Queensland government done into offering public services that can help people with disabilities and seniors get to where they need to go?

Member, I might just get you to rephrase that question minus the inference. The statement of it not being successful is an opinion, so I ask you to rephrase the question slightly please.

Minister, what investigations has the Queensland government done into offering publicly funded and run transport services for people who are unable to rely on private taxis?

Thank you, member.

Minister Seniors and Disability Services: 
Thanks for the question. Predominantly that sits with the department of transport, so I am actually unable to answer that question as it sits with another department. I will go back to my previous answer in that the role that we play in this department is our connection to the Commonwealth with the Disability Reform Ministers’ Meeting and obviously the management of the NDIS.

The only avenue that we have is to keep putting pressure and provide assistance where we can to the Commonwealth to resolve this matter from NDIA through NDIS. I think the particulars that the member is looking for actually are controlled by the department of transport, not this department.

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