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Queenslanders first, not the Olympics Committee

Across our state, everyday Queenslanders are struggling to find affordable homes. State schools are underfunded and struggling to find teachers. Crowded, short-staffed regional hospitals are at breaking point.

Yet the Queensland Government plans to spend $2.7 billion on a single new stadium, and billions more on the Olympic Games.

Instead of using this taxpayer money to demolish and rebuild the Gabba, we believe the government could be using $2.7 billion to:
- Build 6000 new public homes
- Open a maternity unit in every Queensland regional centre that needs one
- Make public transport free for the next seven years
- Build 80 new schools across our state

Can you send a quick email to your local representative, the Premier and her cabinet and let them know what you would rather see $2.7 billion spent on in your community?