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Rental Reforms

Queensland is in a housing crisis. And our weak rental laws are only making things worse.

Here's how you can help us win better rights for renters here in Queensland:

Here's a quick run down on what's been happening:

Back in May, I introduced the Greens’ bill for rental reforms in Queensland. Here’s the changes we're proposing:

  • Cap rent increases
  • Ban “rent bidding” for good
  • End “no grounds evictions” by landlords
  • Set minimum standards for rental properties
  • Make it easier for renters to have pets
  • Allow tenants to make minor modifications

You can read our full bill and its related committee inquiry here. You can also find an easy explainer of what the bill does here.

The Queensland Labor Government has now also proposed their own rental forms – you can read their full bill here. Here’s a brief summary of what their new bill does:

  • Adds some clarity to the law around reasons a tenancy can be ended - but unfortunately provides no protection for renters on periodic leases, and no protection from renters having their lease not renewed for no reason;
  • Makes it easier for renters who are experiencing domestic violence to leave tenancies;
  • Establishes minimum housing standards, like a property must have a connected toilet, be weatherproof and structurally sound 
  • At first glance, it should theoretically make it easier to get a pet approved for a property  (but still not easy), and the landlord can make you keep your pet outside without having to justify why.

You can find a comparison table of the current laws, our proposed changes and Labor's proposed changes here.

Qld Labor’s bill could come back to parliament to be passed anytime from as early as August onward. They have between now and then. Now is it time for us to organise and mobilise, and fight back.

In early 2020, the REIQ mobilised 8,000 letters of opposition to crucial rental reforms, that were similar to some of what we’re proposing. To counter their opposition and secure wins for renters in Queensland, we need to mobilise tens of thousands of Queensland renters.