For The Many: Social Drinks and Radical Political Discussions

Calling all Queensland Young Greens members, young-at-heart Greens supporters, and pretty much anyone who is interested in talking about the future of radical politics in Queensland...

In partnership with Amy MacMahon and Councillor Jonathan Sri, the Queensland Young Greens are organising a night of casual socialising and super-earnest political discussion.

Several Greens members from other states happen to be in town for the NUS Conference (including Senator Lee Rhiannon) so we thought this would be a great opportunity for further discussions about how we can all come together to build a united and effective movement for progressive change.

We all agree that mainstream Australian politics has some pretty deep flaws. The question is what to do about it.

The evening will include a facilitated discussion with our three all-star panelists: Councillor Jonathan Sri, Senator Lee Rhiannon and Senator Larissa Waters. We will briefly hear from each of the panelists on their views on the future of radical politics in Australia: what is currently going wrong, what could radical future look like and what do we need to do to get there. This will be followed by a robust Q&A session, where these ideas can be unpacked further.

The ‘formal’ discussion will wrap around 8.00pm, leaving us plenty of time for socialising and digging into some juicy informal political discussions with one another.

Free entry. Very reasonably priced drinks will be available for sale (cash bar). All are welcome to come and join this lively discussion.


Will you come?