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Saving Raymond Park

Raymond Park has been announced as the location of an Olympic athletics track for the 2032 Brisbane Games. 

These warm-up facilities usually consist of an eight-lane, 400m track and field – which would take up an area of around 17,000m2 (17 hectares). 

Building this in Raymond Park would likely mean:

  • acquisition of homes around the park
  • removal of many established trees
  • loss of green space and community facilities 

The government has suggested that the track would be temporary but locals are doubtful that an expensive piece of infrastructure would be torn down after a two-week event. 

The community are also exploring alternative sites including, the Coorparoo State Secondary College campus or Giffin Park in Coorparoo. The Coorparoo School community is supportive of the idea which would be a huge long-term investment and upgrade to their sporting infrastructure.

The rapid densification in this neighbourhood means we can’t afford to lose Raymond Park. We’re working alongside the community group, Friends of Raymond Park, to protect this critical piece of green space. 

Join Friends of Raymond Park

Hundreds of locals have joined together to form Friends of Raymond Park to fight to protect this beloved green space. 

Join the Facebook group, Friends of Raymond Park. 

In there you can: 

  • Sign the petition  
  • Sign up to host a ‘No Olympic Athletics Track for Raymond  Park’ yard sign to spread the word 
  • Find the next monthly meeting to get involved in the campaign