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Tell Labor: Don't throw Qld renters under the bus

Queensland is in a renting crisis – right now families all across our state are being pushed out of their rental properties, struggling to find housing and being forced to live in caravans or cars. 

And the government is now pushing ahead with a weak rental reform bill that will do nothing to fix this.

Over the last few months Labor MPs have heard thousands of stories from renters: from people with disability being refused basic safety modifications like installing grab rails in toilets, to people having their rents hiked up by over $100 a week. But the recent government report on the inquiry made it pretty damn clear that they don’t care about Queenslanders who are struggling. They only care about the profit margins of their real estate lobby mates.

It’s likely that the government will bring their weak bill through parliament within the next few weeks. Help us tell Queensland Labor they need to urgently amend their bill to include the following protections for renters:

  • Ban landlords from evicting tenants at the end of their lease without a reason
  • Allow tenants to make minor safety and accessibility modifications 
  • Cap rent increases to tackle the rental affordability crisis