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Completing the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk

Lord Mayor and Minister for Transport: Get the job done, complete the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk.

The Kangaroo Point Riverwalk is a critical piece of walking and cycling infrastructure – yet its still missing sections between Mowbray Park and Cairns St, Kangaroo Point (Dockside). 

The state government promised in 2020 that works would begin within four years.

But locals are still waiting.

Tell the Brisbane City Council and State Government: stop passing back and get on with completing the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk.

What's the background?

In 2020, the Queensland Government promised $22.5 million and promised to “get the job done” - but also said that the BCC needed to come to the table.

In 2021, BCC said that $22.5 million was a huge underestimation - but given that the state government had made an election promise, that the responsibility sat with the state government. 

In late 2022, the BCC carried out a Kangaroo Point active travel study - but despite my requests, we've yet to see the results.

This year's state government QTRIP includes money for the Riverwalk over the next three years. The BCC also have included the Riverwalk in their updated 'Local Government Infrastructure Plan' with an indicative budget of $40 million - but have a timeframe of '2026-2031'. 

Locals have been waiting too long for this pedestrian link. 

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Will you sign?

Residents call on the Lord Mayor and the Minister for Transport to work together to fully fund and complete the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk.