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Make the developers pay to upgrade the Stones Corner roundabout

Wee Hur Holdings has proposed another huge development at the big empty site near the Stones Corner roundabout. The proposal is frustratingly similar to the last one that they withdrew back in July 2022 with just a few small changes – two massive 26+ storey towers and two 7+ storey towers.

Last time Wee Hur was refusing to pay for the roundabout upgrade, despite the huge profits they will make. But there’s a glimmer of good news in what is overall a pretty bad development proposal: the developers seem to be more open to contributing to the roundabout upgrade this time round. Although, they are still being quite vague about this so it’s crucial that we ramp up the pressure on the Council to make this a condition of their development approval.

Will you add your name to our petition demanding that Brisbane City Council make Wee Hur pay to upgrade the O’Keefe St/Logan Road roundabout and Junction Street turn?

We are pushing for:

  • Traffic lights with a scramble pedestrian crossing
  • Shifting the intersection a little to include Junction Street
  • Putting in bike lanes and active transport infrastructure

It's important that they're hearing from you directly about the impacts of the development on the local community. After you sign the petition, you’ll be redirected to an email template that you can use to email BCC and Cr Fiona Cunningham. 

Read more about the proposed development details next to the Buranda Train Station here.

750 Signatures

633 Signatures

Will you sign?

PETITION to the Lord Mayor, Cr Krista Adams (Chair of City Planning and Economic Development) and Cr Fiona Cunningham.

Your petitioners request that the BCC does not approve WeeHur’s development application at 8 Gillingham St, Woolloongabba (A006150153) unless WeeHur agrees to pay for a full upgrade to the Logan Rd– O’Keefe St roundabout. They also request that this upgrade includes: traffic lights with a scramble pedestrian crossing, shifting the intersection a little to include Junction Street, and putting in active transport infrastructure.