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Tell Brisbane City Council: Make the Developers Pay

Wee Hur Holdings is proposing four towers and more than 600 private car parks right beside the Stones Corner Roundabout, which is already a nightmare to navigate – particularly as a pedestrian or cyclist. But despite the profits Wee Hur will earn from the development, they're refusing to pay for the roundabout upgrade.

I’ve just written to the Lord Mayor and Cr Fiona Cunningham demanding they make the developers pay to fix the roundabout and push for the development to be in line with Transport Oriented Development principles. But it's important that they're hearing from you directly about the impacts of the development on the local community. Our community deserves a development that delivers what we need.

Tell Council not to approve Wee Hur’s development as it currently stands and instead push the developer to: 

  • Pay to fix the roundabout 
  • Invest properly in active transport ammenities 
  • Reduce the number of private car parks 
  • Include public housing and community facilities

Use the template to email the Brisbane City Council Mayor and Cr Fiona Cunningham

Make sure to add a line or two about how you use the area and what the impact of even worse congestion would be for you in the second paragraph (where indicated).  

Your email will be sent to Cr Fiona Cunningham <[email protected]>, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner <[email protected]>, Cr Krista Adams <[email protected]>

Cc'ing the developers: Wee Hur Holdings <[email protected]>, Peter Scott <[email protected]>