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Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Olympics

Our Federal Greens colleagues have secured a senate inquiry looking at Australia's preparedness to host the Olympic and Paralymic Games. You can read more about this inquiry here

Our community will be ground zero for the 2032 Olympic Games, and will shoulder much of the burden in terms of new infrastructure, and negative costs.

Our community deserves to feel excited about the Olympics, but instead, we are facing the closure of an active school, clearing of a park and family homes, rapid gentrification, rising rents and house costs, with huge amounts of public funds being diverted from essential services.

The submission focuses on:

  1. The Impacts of the Gabba Stadium Redevelopment
  2. Impacts of other planning Olympics Infrastructure
  3.  Negative Impacts on Housing Affordability
  4. Lack of Transparency
  5. Huge Economic Costs
  6. Community feedback

You can read my submission here


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