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Volunteer training: How we ramp up the pressure

The Parliamentary committee leading the inquiry into rent reform in Queensland held the public forum this past Tuesday. I was joined out the front of Parliament beforehand by a bunch of amazing folks calling for Labor to put through stronger rent reform. 

The work isn’t over though. The Committee will report back to the parliament on the 8 August, and from there Labor is likely to try to rush through their bill as quickly as possible. So the next 6 weeks are crucial to keeping up the pressure.  

Labor is still listening to landlords who complain about ensuring their renters have hot water and mold-free bathrooms, instead of working hard to make sure every Queenslander has a home. 

Labor can amend their current dodgy bills to protect renters and allow them to have pets in their homes, but they won’t do it without pressure from you.

Come along on Tuesday 3rd August to learn how to plan escalatory actions and make sure your local MP hears your voice.  

August 03, 2021 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Monique Jeffs · · 37249100

Will you come?