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Winning South Brisbane: Political Conversations Training

Ever felt stumped in a political conversation with your argumentative uncle? Ever wanted to be part of a movement that gets Greens MPs elected but worried you didn’t know enough policy? Done some political campaigning in the past but want to skill up further to be more effective?

Join us for Winning South Brisbane: Political Conversations Training, a half-day online training event on how to have effective persuasive conversations. There’ll be different training sessions depending on your ability and confidence – so no matter what your background is you’ll come away more confident in your ability to change votes and change minds. You’ll get to hear from some of the Greens’ best and brightest about their campaign experiences and learn how to handle those common tricky questions.

We have a huge chance to win the seat of South Brisbane at the State Election in October – but we’ll need to have thousands of conversations over the next 5 months to take on the corporate money of Labor and the LNP and win.

Engaged one-on-one conversations swing votes. Whether it’s calling voters in your area, chatting to your neighbours in your apartment block, or engaging with people on Facebook, the techniques, ideas and policies you learn at this event will help you change hearts and minds, and win new votes for the Greens.

Zoom link provided in rsvp email.

June 07, 2020 at 1:00pm - 5pm
Online Event

Will you come?