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I’m Amy and I’m your local Greens MP for South Brisbane. 

I am a carer, auntie, and sociologist. I rent in a sharehouse in East Brisbane, and went to Brisbane State High School. I’ve worked in community engagement in the local government sector, working to make sure that communities have a real say on issues that affect their lives. 

I’ve seen first hand what happens when governments put the interests of big business ahead of the interests of people – inequality, stagnant wages, high rents, mortgages and electricity, and pressure on our health systems. Meanwhile, corporate profits soar.

I ran for seat of South Brisbane because I know the power that communities can have when we work together. We can put essential services, like health, pharmaceuticals and energy, back into public hands. We can create thousands of jobs building and running the public infrastructure we desperately need – manufacturing, schools, hospitals and electricity. We can make sure every Queenslander has a home.

To do this, we need representatives in parliament ready to fight for people. Ready to take on the property developers, the banks, dodgy insurance companies and the major parties. Ready to make big corporations pay their fair share. Ready to put power back in the hands of everyday Queenslanders.

Alongside MP Michael Berkman in Maiwar, and Cr Jonathan Sri in the Gabba Ward, this is what I’ll be fighting for as your local MP.


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