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Want to help us keep South Brisbane Green and fight for a better Queensland?

Across Queensland, everyday people are looking for hope. With a state government doing next to nothing about skyrocketing rents, a cost-of-living crisis, and our crumbling hospital system, people are turning away from the major parties and their corporate backers.

If we are going to build a Queensland where everyone has access to a safe and secure house, high-quality free healthcare, and great state schools, we have a big fight ahead of us

The Labor Party and LNP are already using their vast war chests, funded by gambling corporations and the fossil fuel industry, to try to stop our volunteer-led movement. But where they have money, we have people like you.

Whether it’s organising a community meeting, helping residents recover from floods, letterboxing your street, or fighting for East Brisbane State School and Raymond Park, we need volunteers who want to build a Queensland for everyday people like you - not for billionaires.

The Queensland Greens are on your side, fighting for ordinary people and their communities. Get involved in this growing people-powered movement!