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New Community Arts Space: Boggo Road

Thank you, Chair. My question is for the minister. The Boggo Road PDA has highlighted opportunities for the Boggo Road Jail for activation events and community uses. Has the department investigated opportunities for arts and creative uses that respect the history of the jail?

Minister Arts: 
I thank the member for the question and for her interest in the arts and culture in Queensland. Of course, we were able to launch a 10-year road map for arts and culture in Queensland. Certainly, some of that has been about arts infrastructure across the state. We have just been talking obviously about the new performing arts venue, which everybody is very excited about, that is experiencing the same delays as every other major project across the state. We only have to look at
Queen’s Wharf which has just announced that its opening is delayed due to the major weather events. We have seen the Rockhampton Art Gallery open as well. That was a great investment. Of course, we are looking for all opportunities to activate arts and cultural experiences across the state.

In terms of Boggo Road, I will ask the department to look at those opportunities, but that has not been flagged as a major opportunity right now. I will certainly get the department to have a look at whether there is an opportunity to enhance arts experiences in that precinct. My own experience there is that it has been involved more to do with the science and innovation space, but I know that the deputy director-general has met about the precinct. We will continue to look at opportunities wherever we can to explore arts expansion.

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