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Buranda Development Meeting

There’s been the looming possibility of a massive transport orientated development next to Buranda Station for over a decade now. 

The new development application for the site on the corners of Logan Rd, O’Keefe St and Gillingham Street proposes:

  • Four new towers
    • One 28-storey residential tower, with 287 dwellings
    • One 26-storey student accommodation tower with 564 beds
    • One 7-storey residential care facility, with 130 beds
    • One 7-storey mixed use commercial building
  • 630+ carparks
  • No green space
  • New driveways from Gillingham Street, Logan Road and O'Keefe Street.

There are a number of key concerns which have already emerged from the community: 

  • The developer is pushing this as a ‘transport-oriented-development’ (TOD) – The point of a TOD is to offer high density living that is reliant on public and active transport, rather than cars. This location is suitable for a TOD because of easy access to the train and bus station, as well as the Stones Corner commercial district, but that means it should not have 600+ carparks included.
  • The developers have funded traffic impact planning, but have stated that its unreasonable for them to contribute to the cost of upgrading the nearby roundabout. If the developers want to add 705 carparks to the area, the least they could do is pay for the roundabout to be turned into a set of traffic lights (ideally with a scramble crossing to make it easier for people to access Stones Corner and Hanlon Park). We already know this is an unsafe and problematic area in terms of traffic; 1200+ new residents will have a signficant impact on traffic and considerable investment will be required to upgrade the surrounding infrastructure.
  • The developer's plan exceeds the height limit in the neighbourhood plan, proposing a 28-storey and 26-storey tower, where there is a 14-storey and 12-storey limit respectively. 

The last time there was a poorly-planned development proposed near Buranda Station, the Buranda P&C, alongside the Better Buranda Project, fought hard and won – not only stopping the development from going ahead, but securing additional land for the school.

So, come along for a BBQ and a chat about this newly proposed development. You can share your thoughts and discuss how we can work to ensure any development is safe and suitable for the neighbourhood. 

Please RSVP for COVID-Safe and catering purposes.

November 14, 2021 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Hanlon Park, near the playground

Will you come?