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CFMEU Calls for Transport Minister to be Replaced

On Tuesday 18 April 2023, I asked the Minister for Transport for his response to CFMEU's allegations of 'dysfunctional' management and calls for him to resign .

You can read my question and the answer below, or find the full transcript and video link in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard)


My question is to the Minister for Transport. The CFMEU has labelled the minister’s management of the Cross River Rail project as ‘dysfunctional’ and has called for the minister to be replaced. What is the minister’s response to the CFMEU’s calls for him to be replaced?

Acting Speaker:

The House will come to order. I call the minister.

An opposition member:

Send them an email!

Transport Minister:

Thank you, Mr Acting Speaker. There are so many different ways I could answer that question. I have made it very clear. I have made a range of comments in relation to this matter. The fact is that the safety record of  the Cross River Rail project is well below industry standards. There are very strong provisions on the site.

Let me just say this: I will always work with all of the representatives and workers across the unions when they raise safety issues. You can never be complacent about safety particularly on construction sites. They are dangerous projects—construction. You always have to be on your guard. I will always make sure that any safety concerns are appropriately looked at and investigated and explored.

I will always work with the representatives of the workers. I will not undermine this project like the member for South Brisbane does regularly. We are building a whole new underground rail line for South-East Queensland in Brisbane—cut by those opposite when they were in power and promised to be cut by them because that is all they believe in. It is in their DNA—you cut Cross River Rail and you would do it again.

I will always make sure that safety is our top priority. The member for South Brisbane only needs to look at the record of this project and it is well below industry standards. I want it to stay that way right through to the end. I might say at this point that all of the tunnelling has been completed. We are doing the station boxes at the moment. We are closing up the station boxes, so there is still heavy work to be done. A lot of the heavy work has been completed, but there is still some to do. Safety will always be my No. 1 concern.

Everybody knows that I believe that this project is awesome. It is awesome. It will transform travel in South-East Queensland and Brisbane with a whole new underground rail line. It has been important for our population growth, as well as the games coming up. I will always make safety a top priority for me and for the delivery authority.

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