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Lockdown support for small businesses

Question One - Small Business Grants


In light of the varying impacts of the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions on different kinds of businesses, what consideration has the department given to industry specific grants for small businesses, specifically for the hospitality, fitness and arts sectors, as well as scrapping payroll tax?

Answer from Director-General of Department of Employment:

If I can take the last part of your question first and refer any payroll tax question through to Queensland Treasury as that is their area of responsibility.

In terms of small business grants and support, particularly financial support—it is certainly in our Big Plans for Small Business strategy—it is generally available for all small businesses in Queensland. I would note particularly that the COVID-19 adaption grants which were available to support businesses through that period were available to all industries—there was not a specific area, but they were certainly available to those that could show that they had a decline in revenue as a result of the COVID-19 economic impact on them.

In relation to any industry specific areas, I point out that we liaise with other departments such as the department of tourism to provide support in terms of our administration expertise as to how we have capability in providing assistance to small businesses. I note some of the industry specific assistance that has come from an agency such as the department of tourism. I would refer you to any of those particular portfolio areas if you have any further questions.

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