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Question on Future of East Brisbane State School

My question is for the Deputy Premier. With regards to architect-led consortiums recently being asked to submit proposals for the Gabba rebuild, what details have been included in that design brief, when will they be made publicly available and is the protection of East Brisbane State School a key design criteria?

Deputy Premier: 
I thank the member for South Brisbane for her question. As we have said repeatedly, we are working through the process of determining what the design for the Gabba is in more specifics and that will then determine what the implications are for East Brisbane State School. At that time we will be able to consult with the community regarding options from there. I understand the education minister, who is leading that engagement, has a meeting with the school community later today. We will continue to work through exactly what the plans for the Gabba mean for East Brisbane State School. I will be happy to advise the member of the outcome of that work once it is available.


From the Deputy Premiers comments it appears the government intends to come up with a plan and only consult the community after.

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