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With everything going on right now, it’s easy to feel powerless and alone. But campaigns like these remind us just how damn powerful we can be when we all come together.

This election has been unprecedented, but we’ll keep fighting for a better future, and to win, it will take all of us.

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Latest Speeches to Parliament

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Proposed Amendment to Housing Bill

October 14, 2021

I move the following amendment to the bill — "However, the tenant may also attach a fixture, or make a structural change, to the premises if the tenant believes the attaching of the fixture, or the making of the structural change, to the premises...

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Speech on Public Hospital Funding

October 14, 2021

14 Oct, 2021 For months healthcare workers have been warning of a crisis in Queensland’s hospitals. Our hospitals are already operating at 100 per cent capacity, and that is before the likely spike in COVID cases when Queensland opens. We urgently need to get...

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Speech on Labor's Housing Bill

October 13, 2021

13 Oct, 2021 Queensland is in the midst of a housing crisis. This is not a warning. This is not something coming down the track. The housing crisis is a reality for thousands of Queenslanders right now. For thousands of Queensland families who rent...

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