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Indigenous Cultural Heritage: Magazine Hill and Deebing Creek

Minister, also with regard to the Cultural Heritage Act review: will the government within this review be taking seriously issues raised in the context of Magazine Hill and Deebing Creek particularly with regards to intangible cultural heritage?

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships:
The short answer is yes. We know that those two examples you mentioned— and there are others out there as well—have created significant divide amongst family members amongst traditional owners as well. It is one of the complex histories of this state where we have areas of this state where it is not easy to actually determine straight up and down who is a traditional owner, who is not, and all those different levels. That is why we have some of those complex areas, particularly
Deebing Creek, as I know you are well aware. It is our intention to try to rectify that, or better that in this process. It is something that has been quite difficult, I think, for a lot of our traditional owners working under that part of the legislation. A lot of people referenced the ‘last claim standing’ and obviously at the time that was seen to be the best way. We need to find out if there is a better way of being able to appropriately give people the rights that they have as native title holders, but also to be able to respectfully acknowledge everyone as we go forward. The short answer is yes.

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