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Jobs and Homes Plan

Queensland is facing a jobs and homes crisis. Queensland has lost over 11,000 construction jobs in one month, dwelling approvals have fallen 18% and it’s only going to get worse. Meanwhile the waiting list for social housing has increased to 39,000 people. A recent report by the Australian Financial Review found that 33% of Queensland households were in housing stress, struggling to pay their rents or mortgages.

Labor currently plans to build on average 450 social homes a year - when the waiting list for social housing increases by 7000 people a year. Their plan has seen a blowout in the waiting list and will see a decrease in the state’s proportion of social housing from 3.7% to 3%.

Queenslanders need jobs and they need homes, so the Greens will make big banks and massive mining corporations pay their fair share to create 20,000 jobs a year building 100,000 public homes over four years.

The Greens will: 

Tackle the housing crisis and create 20,248 good full time jobs a year by:

  • Establishing a Queensland Housing Trust that will finance the construction of 100,000 public homes over the next four years and 250,000 homes over 10 years, with a long term target of 20% of all housing stock as public housing
  • Seed funding the Queensland Housing Trust with $11 billion over 10 years, raised via a levy on the big banks and higher royalties on mining corporations
  • Allocating homes to those currently on Queensland’s social housing waiting list, then make available to every Queenslander regardless of income
  • Setting rent at 25% of income or market rent, whichever is lower
  • Removing ongoing eligibility checks for all public housing and give tenants a lifetime right to their home once it’s allocated
  • Establishing tenant and community design panels that will be given binding power to direct the design and architecture of the housing developments within certain parameters, including maximum 5 storey height limits
  • Introducing democratic housing and tenancy management models
  • Legislating to introduce inclusionary zoning in South East Queensland
    • 20% of any new multi-dwelling development to be delivered as public housing stock
    • To be phased in over 10 years, beginning at
    • 10% and increasing by 5% increments every 5 years

Read full policy details here