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What infrastructure do you think the Council should prioritise over the next decade?

How to make a submission:

  • Send the email to [email protected] 
  • Make the subject line – “Interim Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) amendment 1a - Feedback submission” 
  • Remember for Council to accept your submission, you must include your full name and current postal address in the email. For example, “I [insert full name] at [insert full postal address] am writing to register my feedback for the Interim Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) amendment 1a. I would like Council to prioritise the following pieces of infrastructure: 
  • Copy and paste any of the pieces of infrastructure below and feel free to add your own. 
  • Send it off and have your say.


Submission inspiration that you can copy:

  1. Complete the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk. Residents should be able to walk from a revitalised Mowbray Park, all the way around Kangaroo Point, and connect with the new Kangaroo Point footbridge, enjoying lookouts, seating and gardens along the way. But right now, the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk still has missing links. After years of pressure from the community, the state government has finally come to the table, with a commitment of $22.5 million towards completing the Kangaroo Point Riverwalk. Council is disputing the state government’s costing, but residents just want council to come to the table, and for both levels of government to contribute the necessary funding to this piece of essential infrastructure. 

  2. Expand Davies Park. A developer has lodged an application for two 26 storey highrise towers on the current TOMRA Recycling Centre site (281 Montague Road) and the QBCC site (297 Montague Road). Both these sites back onto Davies Park. Council should be prioritising more green space – rather than more luxury housing in an inappropriately bulky and excessively tall building for the locality. Five sites in South Brisbane, designated as future public parkland, have vanished from planned infrastructure mapping. This site was earmarked as public parkland under the 2011 Neighbourhood Plan, only for it to be removed in 2014. Meanwhile, there has been huge increases in population and development. This site is an opportunity – it should not be privately redeveloped at all. Instead, it should be bought by the government to expand Davies Park.
  3. Build a new West End ferry terminal at Jane Street. There has been a huge surge of population growth in the area around Montague Road in West End. Traffic along Montague Road is already extremely congested. A new ferry terminal in this part of West End is a great way to improve connectivity and get cars off the road, reducing congestion and emissions. Council has committed to the Howard Smith Wharves terminal where there is no significant population growth projected – if there is funding in the budget for this terminal, Council should find funding in the budget for a Jane Street terminal. 

  4. Create new riverside parklands. Replace the old industrial sites (Parmalat, Visy Glass and Hanson Concrete) along the flood prone portion of Montague Road with parkland. This has already been marked by Council as a long term plan in the South Brisbane riverside neighbourhood plan, but residents want Council to commit to a timeline and funding. These industrial sites are no longer cohesive with the character of South Brisbane and population growth means that more public green space is desperately needed. 

  5. Acknowledge the West End to Toowong green bridge. This bridge likely isn't included because it is too early in the planning stage, but residents would like to see this bridge acknowledged as a priority for Council. 

  6. Construct a new park for Highgate Hill. Create a tunnel for the train line near Gloucester Street and cover over the tunnel with parkland. The precinct around Stephens Road and Gloucester Street doesn’t have any local parks that you can easily walk to without crossing a main road. This community needs an all-ages playground and a dog off-leash area. This park could also be large enough to build picnic facilities and an urban farm.

  7. Provide separated bike paths along Vulture Street. Despite the obvious need to support a transition to public and active transport, there currently aren't any safe separated bike lanes along West End's main roads. People would be more likely to use active transport, reducing congestion and emissions, if it was safer.  

  8. Establish a new park and community centre for Woolloongabba. Woolloongabba is densifying quickly, and the timeline and amount of usable parkland planned for the Gabba Cross River Rail station is unclear, therefore Council should deliver a new park for Woolloongabba residents, who are already lacking in green space and community facilities. 

  9. Upgrade the Dockside Ferry terminal. The Council shut down the Dockside and Thornton Street ferry terminals overnight, with no proper community consultation. The Council have stated that Dockside is temporarily closed for repairs, but they have not given a concrete start date on construction or even allocated funding. As a peninsula, Kangaroo Point relies on the ferry network for travel, Council should make upgrading this ferry terminal a top priority.

  10. Make a new library and a multiple purpose community centre for West End a priority. Council is considering whether to build over the existing library's carpark, but it should buy a new larger site nearby, which includes plenty of free and bookable spaces for events and meetings. 

Cr Jonno Sri has also identified the following traffic improvements to call on Council for:

  • Pedestrian crossings and intersection redesigns along Montague Road and in the vicinity of Rogers Street and Ferry Road
  • Traffic lights on Wellington Road near Mowbray Terrace or Baines Street
  • Pedestrian friendly redesign of Hardgrave Road/Dornoch Terrace intersection