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Take the pledge for renters

Labor’s new rental reforms will do next-to-nothing to fix the housing crisis.  They don’t limit the amount rents can increase by. They don’t stop renters from being refused a lease renewal for no real reason at the end of a lease.

Labor says this is as far as they will go for renters and the LNP won’t say if they support even these modest changes. Tell them, this isn’t good enough. Renters won’t back the two major parties if they keep throwing them under the bus. 

With these rental reforms likely to come through parliament in the next few months, and a state election just around the corner, now's a critical time for us to ramp up the pressure on Labor and the LNP to do something about skyrocketing rents.

The Greens will be pushing amendments in parliament that would:

  • Freeze rents for two years, followed by a 1% yearly cap on rent increases after that
  • Give renters a guaranteed right to a lease renewal, giving renters long-term security 

Labor and the LNP politicians have all heard thousands of stories of Queenslanders struggling in a rental system that is getting increasingly unaffordable and insecure – but they haven't listened. They've seen Queenslanders having to sleep in parks across the state because of how unaffordable rents are – but they haven't listened.

The only thing that is going to make Labor and the LNP listen to renters is if their seats are at risk over this issue this election. So sign the pledge and join thousands of other renters in telling Labor and the LNP: renters won't vote for a party that won't back renters.

Will you sign?

Labor Premier, Steven Miles and LNP Opposition Leader, David Crisafulli, I pledge to not vote for your parties this election unless you:

  • Support an emergency rent freeze and long-term caps on rents
  • Give renters a guaranteed right to lease renewals